The perfect solution when you don't need a Dj with a full disco set-up.
Now you can just DIY it!

This very simple to use and compact system (only 1 square metre footprint)
consists of a high quality professional loudspeaker, wide-angled animated disco
light and comes with a microphone for announcements and speeches.

The DIY system provides ample sound for events of 20 - 100 people and is ideal
for small to medium village halls, garden marquees and small to medium sized
function rooms, whilst the animated light makes the dance floor come alive with
gyrating patterns and colours that "dance" to the beat of the music!

You can use the DIY system to play from any device that has a headphone
socket or RCA phono outputs. So mobile phones, most portable mp3 players,
laptops or a domestic CD player can all be used for the music.
If you have Wi-fi or 4G reception you could even stream your Spotify playlist.
The only thing you need to operate is your own device. Just plug and play!

I provide the cable to connect your chosen device to the system and even
incorporate a handy holder for a phone-size device with a spare mains socket
so you can keep it on charge!
I just need a standard 13amp socket within 10 metres of the set up area.

The DIY disco is available to hire for £70 locally* and includes delivery, set
up, 1 to 1 instruction of how to use it (it couldn't be simpler. Honestly!) and next
day collection.
Together we will test the system using your own player to ensure everything is
working to your satisfaction and you are completely happy before I leave.
Payment in cash is required at this stage.

I would usually deliver and set up the system in the afternoon and collect the
following day around midday but am always happy to be as flexible as I can to
suit you.

The hirer is solely and entirely responsible for any damage or loss through
misuse, accident, seizure by authority or theft during the hire period and agrees
to pay for any repairs or replacement as necessary to a maximum liability of
£650. In the case of loss the daily hire charge is payable until the full cost of
replacement is paid.
The hirer is required to sign documentation agreeing to these terms which are
always vigorously enforced.
Only available to hirers aged 25 years and over.

For larger events 2 x Speakers with mic and 2 x lights £140 (liability £1300)

*Please see my
prices page for additional distance charges for areas outside of
my locality.

PA Hire

1 x Speaker with Mic  £50 (liability £600)
2 x Speakers with Mic £100 (liability £1200)

Sound Tech:
Yamaha DXR12 Active (powered) 2-way full range Loudspeaker
Power: 1100 Watt (950 W LF + 150 W HF)
Equipped with: 12inch woofer & 1inch HF Ferrite tweeter
90° x 60° Horn
2-Way bi-amped Class-D power amplifiers
Frequency range: 52 - 20,000 Hz
132 dB SPL

If you understand specs you'll know this is a high end premium quality speaker.
1 is usually enough for most private parties.

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DIY Disco Very simple Plug & Play system! £70
DIY Disco / PA Hire
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